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June 2, 2013
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51. Ask Claude why he poses as a woman in Charlotte's Web.
52. Keep unbuttoning your shirt
53. Pick up every stray cat you can find and invite Sebastian over to play with them.
54. Whenever it rains, follow Claude around and sing 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider'.
55. Pray before every meal.
56. Take pictures of Claude in his pink pajamas. Use them as blackmail against Claude.
57. Give Claude a bible as a present.
58. Throw cake batter at him.
59. Ask Claude if he has a foot fetish.
60. When Claude orders the triplets to attack Sebastian, play the Pokemon theme song.
61. Ask Claude if he's ever been to Heaven, since demons are supposedly fallen angels.
62. Show Claude 2 girls, 1 cup.
63. Act extremely obsessed with and in love with Claude (Like how Grell acts around Sebastian)
64. Eat ice cream in a very sexual manner. If Claude makes a comment, act mad and call him a pervert.
65. Show him youtube videos of people killing spiders.
66. Spray Claude with bug spray.
67. Ask Claude what he thinks about little boys. Then nudge him and wink.
68. Play murder scene with Alois. Instead of fake blood, use ketchup. Smear it EVERYWHERE.
69. At night, bang on the wall and yell "Ah, yes! That's it! Harder, Sebastian, harder!" When Claude comes into your room, pretend to be sleeping. If he questions you about it the next morning, say "You're a pig! There's something wrong with you! I did no such thing!" before walking away in disgust.
70. Put wax all over the banisters in the Trancy house so when Claude tap dances on them, he'll fall.
71. Every time you walk past Claude, smell his arm.
72. Convince Alois to order Claude to babysit a few small children. Tell the kids to be very bold. Set up hidden cameras and enjoy.
73. Hide porn under Claude's bed. Tell Alois to snoop around Claude's room so he 'accidentally' finds said porn.
74. When Claude is sleeping, put an overabundance of makeup all over him.
75. Tell Claude that he's so dull compared to Sebastian.
76. Run your fingers through his hair and pet him. At random times.
77. Watch Hetalia with Claude. Then constantly beg him to imitate all the country's accents.
78. When you see Claude cooking, run up and slap him really hard on the butt. This will cause him to drop the ingredients all onto the floor, in which he'll have to clean up.
79. 'Borrow' Claude's tap dancing shoes and wear them everywhere until they become damaged and torn. Hand the shoes back to Claude with a smile, and thank him for lending them to you.
80. After Claude sets the table, rip the tablecloth away from it, causing all the plates to shatter.
81. Ask Claude what his opinion on bondage is.
82. Get a broom and destroy all the spider webs around the Trancy mansion. Make Claude aware of this afterwards.
83. Follow him around and mock/imitate him for an entire day.
84. Ask Claude exactly how long his tongue is.
85. Sing "If you were gay" to Claude while holding his hands.
86. Beg Claude to dress up as Professor Snape from Harry Potter. After he finally agrees, have Alois come in wearing a sleazy school girl outfit and say "Oh, Professor~ Those cloaks suit you~"
87. Get a Nerf dart gun and shoot Claude with it at random times before running away.
88. Ask Claude to teach you how to play the piano. After ten minutes into the lesson, tell him that he's a horrible teacher and walk away.
89. Do some laundry, but use bleach on Claude's tailcoat. Tell him you thought it was regular detergent.
90. Switch Claude's glasses with William's. Tell William that Claude stole them.
91. Tell Alois not to trust Claude, because Claude is sneaky and is only going to use Alois to his advantage. If possible, say this in front of Claude.
92. Convince the Triplets to do the exact opposite of what Claude tells them to do. If found out, tell Claude that he works the Triplets too hard.
93. Call Claude a prick every time he says "Yes, Your Highness"
94. Act excited and tell Claude "Congrats!! I can't believe you're gonna be a father!". When questioned, tell Claude that Hannah has been drugging and raping him in his sleep, and now she is pregnant with his babies.
95. Have a sword fight with Alois in the manor. 'Accidentally' put holes in the walls.
96. Show Claude a bunch of SebastianXCiel yaoi.
97. Make up pet names for him, such as Claudeykins.  
98. Ask Claude why he wears pink pajamas.
99. Dye his hair bright red while he's asleep. Invite Grell over the next day and say "Look Grell! It's your long lost brother!"
100. Finally, go into a closet with Sebastian and be VERY 'loud'. When Claude opens the door, act like he caught you and Sebastian doing 'naughty' things~
I FINALLY made a part two!! >w<
If you haven't seen the first part, go look now~…
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#96, #99 and #100!!! ahhhh~ the life!

I'm happy you like them!~ ^_^
xXNyanNeko62Xx Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd so do #66, #73, #76, #77, #78, #86, #97, #98, and #99. XD

I would do #76 every. single. day. XDDD
xXNyanNeko62Xx Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Now I know that I'm NOT the only one who'd do that!
Plus... I just wanna feel what his hair feels like. Is if fwuffy, or is it spiky?

That's actually a REALLY good question! O_O
...I wanna know, now!! D:

I think his hair would be really, really soft... but the tips would be spikey ^^
xXNyanNeko62Xx Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
We should do a YouTube "Ask the Characters" video. Through Skype. If you have it. Which I don't. Yet. And I think his hair  would be sleek. Er. Sleeker. XD Sleeker than it looks. XD And we should do multiple characters other than just Black Butler characters.

Oh, and just because I really, really, really, REALLY wanna know, I'd also do #84. Because I'm a curious cat. But curiosity usually kills the cat, BUT NOT MEEEE!!!
... yet. XD
That sounds like a good idea! :D

1.) I don't have a webcam, so I cannot use Skype. BUT!!!
I do have a camera that records videos. So I'd be able to use that to upload reply videos :3
This would be my idea to go with that:
We could make a deviantart "Ask The Characters" page. And then reply through deviantart OR youtube videos :3

2.) Would we reply in a youtube video by cosplaying as the character?
If so.... I need to get a black wig and a white button-up shirt XD

Oh yes!~ >w<
It's like "Hey Claude... how long is your tongue? You can always slip it in my mouth, if you'd like~ :iconkissyfaceplz: "
xXNyanNeko62Xx Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Good response, and here's an idea:
1.) I can get Skype and we won't have to use the webcam since I don't have one either, but we'd both need headphones that have a microphone to speak to each other, which I'd need to get. But the dA "Ask the Characters" page is a good idea, maybe we can do that and we can transfer those to YouTube later.

2.) We could do that, but I have no catting (my way of bleeping cusses out) clue of how I'd do it. Maybe you do the responses and I do the questions? Plus, I need to get a YouTube account. XD


Also, if it wasn't for me being an only child, I'd think you're my sister. XD
Lol number 63 make my brother laugh very loud XD
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