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Bun In The Oven | Alois Trancy X Reader| Modern AU
Please Read the Description First!
Eggs. Sugar. Flour.
Pacing up and down the aisles of the local grocery store, you located the necessary ingredients needed to bake a cake.
You weren't planning on baking any ordinary cake, though.
Today, you would be baking with your dear friend and neighbor.
Earlier that week, you had witnessed one of the teenager's frequent outbursts.
On that particular day, his guardian had insisted the boy stay out of the kitchen while lunch was being prepared to prevent him from getting burned or otherwise injured.
Even though it was out of concern, your friend wasted no time in expressing his disapproval over the suggestion by throwing a rather violent tantrum.
Ever since then, your blonde haired friend had been in a rather foul mood. So you planned on surprising him by offering to give him some cooking lessons. Or in this case, baking lessons.
After paying for the selected ingredients and exiting the store, you pulled out your cell phone.
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Manners || Claude Faustus X Reader
No friends. No family. No one. You were completely alone.
You stood there, taking in the desolation of your surroundings. The bitter cold nipped at your exposed skin, sending a chill run up your spine. Freezing wind stung your eyes, forcing hot tears to spill down your pale cheeks.
Where were you supposed to go? What were you supposed to do?
Everyone was gone. Everything was destroyed. Everyone you had ever grown to love and depend on had ultimately left you. Some by meeting an untimely end, but most had chosen to abandon you without a second thought on the matter.
Collapsing to your bruised knees, your emotions were too overwhelming to control any longer. Uncontrollable sobs filled the otherwise silent air. You waited for something to happen, for someone to hear your desperate cries and come find you.
"Please... Someone help me... Anyone... Please..." You choked out between sobs as you cradled your tear-stained face in your small, blistered hands.
As the scene around you grew dark
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~|| For You, My Love ||~ Kaneki Ken X Reader
Months had passed since the incident between the CCG and Aogiri. Despite how much time had passed, you were still in denial over that night. The night Kaneki decided not to return to Anteiku.
You had been reassured by Yoshimura that Kaneki was safe. But you didn't really believe that. You couldn't.
For as long as you had known Kaneki, he always preferred to be alone somewhere reading books. Since the moment Hide introduced you to him, Kaneki seemed... lonely. Sad. Distant.
His demeanor caused both you and Hide to worry about Kaneki on a daily basis. You both wanted the best for your friend, to be there for him whenever he may be in need.
Doubting what you were initially told, you asked Touka how your friend seemed that night. Rather, you continuously bombarded her with questions until she got so annoyed with you that she finally agreed to open up about that night just to shut you up.
But whatever the reason, Touka confirmed your suspicions. According to her, Kaneki did seem different s
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Poor Humor | MikaYuu Drabble
Bzz. Bzz. Bzz.
A groggy male hit the alarm that was buzzing on a nearby night table, forcing him out of his warm bed. Stretching, the blonde glanced at his calendar.
Today was Saturday.
A small smile appeared on his normally stoic face. Today was the day that he was supposed to cook breakfast with Yuu.
After getting dressed quickly, Mika exited his room and headed towards the kitchen. As he entered, he already saw Yuu standing at the stove, frying pan in hand.
"Good morning, Yuu-chan." The blonde vampire greeted.
"Morning, Mika!" A cheerful Yuu replied.
As he turned to face his childhood friend, Mika froze.
To his displeasure, his dear friend and family member had chosen to wear an apron with the words 'Bite The Cook' embroidered on the front.
"What should we cook first?" Yuu asked with a smile.
Mika looked from the piece of fabric to the flame of the stove.
"That apron, for starters."
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Strangers (Izaya x Reader x Shizuo)
"How disgusting." Izaya spoke watching Shizuo and an unfamiliar face enjoy each others company. He smiled before turning the other way heading back to his home.
It didn't take him long to figure out who the mysterious stranger was that would hang around Shizuo. He simply was taking a nice little stroll on the streets of Ikebukuro. He heard Shizuo call out the stranger's name as he walked over to her. Izaya watched as the two ahead of him continued into Russia Sushi.
"(f/n) (l/n)..." The name seemed to sound fitting. As he smiled and turned back and headed home.
"I like that name." He smiled to himself saying the name again as he hummed happily opening the door and stepping in.
"Oh Naime," He called out. "I'm home." He watch his secretary look up from her computer screen. Her stoic face never changed as she continued to go back to the screen and work.
"No welcome back Izaya? How was your walk?" He asked imitating a female voice. She glared at the screen before sighing.
"Welcome back Mr.
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Servamp - Tsubaki :iconmyuaxchan:MyuaXchan 66 14 Servamp - Tsubaki 3 :iconnasukeuchimaki:NasukeUchimaki 5 0 Servamp - Tsubaki 5 :iconnasukeuchimaki:NasukeUchimaki 15 14
Star-Crossed [Makishima Shogo x Reader]
You were afraid of falling asleep, since each time you woke up you could tell  that some part of you was long gone. Who would've thought that their way of fixing you would be the solitary cause of your decay?
That didn't stop your from enjoying these scant moments you had left with Makishima, though. Thoughtlessly, you traced circles on his bare chest with the tips of your fingers, taking note of how much his skin seemed like porcelain. Shifting your head on his chest, you listened to him as he drew breath. In that moment, it seemed as though the eccentric anarchist was but a resting angel. It was strange, you thought, how nothing was as it seems.
"From ancient grudge we bare mutiny,
“where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
“From forth the fatal loins of these two foes,
“a pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life;
“Whole misadventured piteous overthrows,
“Do with their death bury their parent’s
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 39 10
Captivate [Makishima x Kidnapped!Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
“And thus concludes our tale of Beauty and the Beast...”
The book closed with a soft tick, and he leaned against his arms with a sigh. A ruffle of his snowy hair, a clearing of his throat, he smiled at you gently before placing a hand on your head, carefully cradled in his lap.
You glanced up at him.
“Read it to me again, Makishima,” you said almost in a whisper.
A quiet, airy chuckle seeped through his lips as he swiftly brushed away loose strands of your hair.
“Really now,” he replied. “Again? Are you not weary of his particular story?”
You simply shook your head.
“How can one tire of their favorite story?” you tapped the rim of the book beneath his palm.
“This may be true,” he said in turn. “But, you are exhausted, little one, as am I,” lightly gripping your shoulder, he guided you from his lap to the plush pillow at t
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 95 10
Aoharu x Kikanjuu: Yukimura Tooru :icondessa-nya:Dessa-nya 349 15
manga | yukimura tooru
"(Name)-chan, please take this," an innocent voice came from beside you. You turn your head towards the source and when you see him face-to-face, you couldn't help but smile.
Yukimura Tōru, the love of your life, perfect in every way, undeniably adorable and dangerously innocent. At least that's what you're thinking.
You place your manga on the side and you fix your attention on your boyfriend. Directly in front of your face was a nicely wrapped present, and you stare at it in confusion and glance at your boyfriend questioningly.
"Eh? For me?" you inquire, taking in the size of the present and wondering what's inside.
"Of course. I've never told you this before, but I'm a manga artist hehe."
Your eyes beam at the sound of manga, and even better, that your boyfriend was actually a manga artist. "You're a manga artist?! No way! How come you never told me this?!" you pout at your blushing boyfriend.
"Well..Mattsun told me not to
:iconjaynanase:JayNanase 76 22
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As most of you may have noticed, I have not posted anything or replied to messages in a long time.
I apologize for that.

But I plan on catching up on everything as soon as possible.
This means replying to comments/messages, and possibly posting more often. 
Hopefully, anyway xD

But I will start replying, so I'll apologize to everyone right here : "I'm sorry for the late replies"

I've also been working on a few fanfics, so hopefully I'll be able to post something in the near future.

On a side note : Yuri!! On Ice is sooooooooooooooooooo good!!!
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あまんだ (Amanda)
United States
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If You Were To Write A Story With Me In The Lead Role, It Would Certainly Be A Tragedy.
All The Drawbacks And Detriment In This World Stem From The Lack Of Individual Ability.

Hello!~ (●ω●)ノ
I'm Amanda
I love anime, manga, fanfiction, nendoroids, and Shizuo Heiwajima <3
My top favorite anime right now include : Tokyo Ghoul, Durarara!!, Seraph of the End, Hakuoki, Karneval, Diabolik Lovers, Attack On Titan, and Black Butler
Please, feel free to message or note me any time! :D

My closest friends: :iconsierrafaith:, :iconwinxmewgirl:, :iconglitchy-sama:, :iconkawaiiotaku132:, and :iconefren241:

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